How to Get WordPress Support

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Reviews vs. Support

Reviews are feedback on the user’s experience with the plugin. They are posted for the purpose of informing potential users about the plugin’s performance. Reviews aren’t always negative and the reviewer isn’t necessarily seeking support help. While the WordPress staff may respond to some reviews it isn’t guaranteed. Any troubleshooting questions placed in a review may go unanswered.

Unlike reviews, support questions have a high likelihood of getting a response. is host to a vast community of users contributing their knowledge to the support forums which are arranged by topic, tagged, and are easily searchable. With so many users submitting queries there is a high probability that a user’s question has already been addressed.

Testing for Conflicts

Performance issues with WordPress plugins can often be traced back to compatibility issues with the other plugins or themes installed on the site. Before submitting a support ticket there are three main things a user should do to isolate the problem and find a solution.

Test To Determine A Conflict

  • Revert back to the default WordPress Theme (currently TwentyTwenty). Go to the dashboard of the WP Admin site. In the toolbar on the left click AppearancesThemes. Choose the default theme and click activate.
  • Disable all plugins except for The Events Calendars and its related add-ons. In the dashboard click PluginsInstalled Plugins. Select all of the plug-ins except for The Event Calendars, select deactivate → click apply.
  • Clear the browser cache. If the problem is now fixed on the site then it is proof that there was a conflict.

If unable to deactivate the plugin from the WP admin screen then deactivate it via FTP.

Find The Source

  • To locate the cause of the conflict reactivate the site’s original theme. (Appearances →ThemesActivate) If the problem reappears then the source of the problem is with the theme.
  • If the conflict wasn’t located in the theme then the plugins have to be tested for conflict. Enable the plugins one at a time until the problem reappears. (PluginsInstalled Plugins→select one of the deactivated plugins→activate) The plugin that triggered the reappearance of the problem is the conflict.

Look For a Solution

Once the conflict has been identified reach out to the help desk for a solution.

Writing a Support Ticket

Before submitting a support ticket the user should search the troubleshooting pages and support forums on to determine whether the solution for their problem has already been posted.

If posting a question about a specific plugin or theme then the message should be entered on the individual plugin/theme page via the support link. Otherwise, the posts should be made in the appropriate forum for their topic.

It is also important to maintain a kind and respectable tone when submitting a support request.

When submitting a support request the following information should be included:

  • A descriptive subject line that succinctly reports the issue
  • A detailed description of the problem including any steps taken to try to resolve it.
  • Details about the hosting environment
  • A copy of the error messages typed word for word into the post. Provide screenshots if possible
  • A copy of the user’s code if applicable
  • A link to the user’s site if possible.

When support tickets are submitted with the proper information it makes it easier for them to be found and resolved. Click the link for an example of a completed ticket.

In this example the user was unable to remove the menu from the Front Page of their website. The user provided the code from their previous attempts as well as a link to their site. The user also clearly described the problem in a respectful manner. The moderator was able to quickly identify the problem and provide the user with the correct code to resolve her issue.